What is it like buying a PC game in Japan?

Today, I saw kotaku used an interesting metaphor to describe what is it like buying a PC game.
If Haruki Murakami's New Book Were Sold Like a Video Game

I think buying a PC game from Japan is also interesting to write about. Even without the metapher.

It started in January...

I've heard a famous game developer will release a new game in June. Wow that's too soon. I must pre-order it immediately. But I wonder where to buy it. And the most important thing is, is there a Japanese translation available?

It appears the game requires Steam activation. So the package means nothing. I don't need some junk toys they'll include in the package. I wonder who want that crap. I can't understand what Americans are thinking. Anyway, I pre-order it in so called Steam. It allows me to download a game. That's nice. The Japanese Steam listed it up and allows me to pre-order. So it should work. And I've heard they'll release console version of this game in Japan. So naturally, PC version must have Japanese translation.

They announced that Japanese translation will be released in August. Well, that's okay. I guess translation need some time. I've also heard they even translate the voice. That's fine. Perhaps I should try English version while waiting. It's completely incomprehensible for me. But who needs story in game anyway? This is not a dull linear JRPG. That's why I'll buy it. I'm so sick of crappy JRPG. Look at the world. Think globally. I can look up words from dictionary if I have to. I'll enjoy the combat in the English version. Then, I'll enjoy the story later in the Japanese version.

What Steam? What do you mean I can't buy it from the current location? I am Japanese and sure I live in Japan. Yes I know this is the English version. I want to play regardless and I'm willing to pay. Why don't you let me buy it? Don't you want my goddamn money? This is stupid. I can't understand it. I don't care how much you charge me. I've read from the online forum that we can bypass that check by using what they call it VPN or whatever. I don't know how that works. Also, there are pirates as usual. But I'm not one of them. Besides, I don't know how to pirate a game.

At last. The English version is released. I think some people who used VPN will write something in forum. I should better check it... What? Not only they play it today, But they play it in Japanese? How could that even be possible? Well, come to think of it, console game will be released in a few days. So technically, translation works must have been finished already. So what is the point of delay? Why do I have to wait two months!

Wow. This is hilarious. They said Steam deleted Japanese translation from their disks. Apparently, It wasn't supposed to be released. But why. Just release the Japanese version already. I don't want to wait any more. Also, why do they allowed to delete files in our disks? I don't understand.

What is this? What the FUCK is this? They said they'll delay the release until next year. No. Seriously. That can't be possible. I have enough of this Steam.

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Wakusei said...

I don't buy the Japanese version of video games even if released. Someday I want to play in Spanish, but at least now I play in English.