俺:なんだよ"cmp r4m, dword 4"って、typoかこれ?


03:40 (hito) in mc-a.asm at line 413, there is "cmp r4m, dword 4" and yasm complains about it. what is r4m? is that typo?
03:48 (Manao) update your repository
03:48 (Manao) mc-a.asm:413 is a comment for me
03:48 (Manao) (and it's the second time you ask)
03:49 (Manao) (and that you get the same answer)
03:49 (hito) what is comment?
03:49 (Manao) for me, mc-a.asm:413 is :
03:49 (Manao) ;--------------------------------------------------------------------
03:49 (Manao) so it means your version isn't up to date
03:49 (hito) i just download a snapshot.
03:50 (Manao) install git and use it
03:50 (hito) i ll try it.
03:57 (hito) it's same here
03:57 (hito) i wonder why.
03:58 (Trax`) make clean and try again?
04:01 (hito) is clean a git command?
04:01 (Trax`) no just: make clean
04:01 (Trax`) to clear any leftovers from previous compile
04:02 (Trax`) or did you get a complete fresh branch?
04:03 (hito) i've never use git.
04:03 (Dark_Shikari) jbrjake: no, that's switching pictures
04:03 (Dark_Shikari) SVC is Scalable Video Coding
04:03 (Dark_Shikari) hito: you better start using it
04:03 (hito) i've just make dir and use this command : git clone git://git.videolan.org/x264.git
04:04 (hito) it create x264 directory
04:04 (Trax`) sounds ok
04:04 (hito) and mc-a.asm at line 413 is still not a comment
04:05 (hito) just same as snapshot.
04:06 (Trax`) same here
04:07 (Manao) umpf, my bad
04:07 (Manao) it seems i broke my local git repository, and git pull --rebase didn't update my repository
04:07 (Manao) so, hito, what gives yasm -v ?
04:07 (Manao) erm --version
04:08 (hito) 0.7.0 i think
04:08 (hito)
04:08 (Manao) windows / linux ? if windows, cygwin / mingw ?
04:08 (hito) windows
04:09 (hito) it doesn't need cygwin so i guess mingw.
04:09 (Manao) and x86 or x64 ?
04:09 (hito) yasm is a x86 binary.
04:09 (Manao) but you're building for win32 or win64 ?
04:10 (Manao) for me, with cygwin and yasm 0.6.99, it builds without error
04:10 (hito) for win64. i don't have 64bit windows. but i just want to check if i could built it.
04:11 (Trax`) cygwin and yasm is fine
04:11 (Manao) Trax`: you build for win64 ?
04:11 (hito) yes.
04:11 (Manao) i asked Trax` :p
04:11 (hito) oops not for me :)
04:11 (Trax`) hmm no what switch is that
04:11 (Manao) win64 might be broken
04:12 (Manao) i don't know if anybody tested it since the huge macro frenzy to unify w86/x64 asm basecode
04:13 (Dark_Shikari) lol
04:13 (Trax`) so what configure option do I need for that?
04:14 (Manao) dunno, i never crosscompiled

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