Valentine's Day in japan

I just write it to improve my English skill. Yes, Valentine's Day is well known in japan. but it is bit different. Valentine's Day is a day on which woman give chocolates to men. There are two types of chocolate. honmei-choco (本命チョコ : literally the favorite chocolate) this is gave to man she really like. giri-choco (義理チョコ: literally social obligation chocolate) this is gave to men such as friends, co-workers, families. Now, there are many men who got no chocolate. what a shame! we have to do something! Looking for girl is tedious. it is waste of time and resources. And you know, there aren't many good-looking girls in the world. Most of them are stupid dirty bitch! But as i said, no chocolate is shame. So what to do... just fake it! This great site explain all we need to do. If you are a man who got no chocolate in your life, you will know you got no chocolate this year too. Because every year, you had hoped for chocolates and got none of them. Is that OK for you? Of course not! Number of Chocolate you got does not mesure man's worth, and you are not the man who live with such mesurement. But... All right. it's time to fake it. You just buy some. So, the problem is where to buy chocolate. There are 3 shops which sell chocolates. 1. convenience store 2. special sale event in supermarket 3. store specializing in chocolate It's all hard to buy for men like ours. Convenience store is more ease than buy porn. But they don't sell high grade of chocolate. There are real girls in 2 and 3 shops so we need big courage, and bit expensive too. You have to determine where to buy it. Let's assume we could buy chocolate. (You really buy it? really you could?) But it don't fake it all. You have to make it known that you got a chocolate from girl. Buying a chocolate is just fill your satisfaction. What important most is you can't simply said "e;I got a chocolate from girl! hehe."e; Because if someone ask you who gave it to you, you can't answer it. if you lied, say "e;Naomi gave to me."e; Naomi herself deny it, your lie would broken out. So you can't let it be known yourself, and use another approach. How to do it. Here is sample. Put chocolate into a bag and change the bag's shape as if chocolate in it. Your friend notice it and ask you what is that. you just said. "Nothing." "Nothing? Surely there is something in it! what that?" "it's... just a chocolate. Don't tell others." "Oh! Really? Who gave it to you?" "I cant tell you." Bingo! you don't need to tell who gave it to you.


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