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Lucas Nussbaumという人は、DebianのRubyパッケージの管理者なのだが、この度、引退するそうだ。やめるにあたって、興味深い内容の意見を出している。

Lucas Nussbaum, who is a Ruby package maintainer on Debian, wrote on his blog he will stop it. He also wrote interesting suggestion.


That is, The development and discussion of Ruby is using Japanese. So he can't understand it. We should close ruby-dev@(japanese mailing list), and use ruby-core@ for any disucssion in English instead.


However, since Ruby is from Japan, there are many Japanese contributors. Most Japanese programmers don't know English at all.


Matz himself commented on his blog.


Now, Ruby is used internationally. Whether you like it or not, international development requires, practically, to use English.

btw, I am Japanese. I think my English skill is better than most Japanese programmers even though it looks horrible and sometimes grammatically incorrect. Guess the rest. In fact, most Japanese programmers don't know English at all.

Learning the natural language is hard. You have limited time to learn things like programming languages, alogrithms, math, Physics, hardware etc... and English. What should we choose?

When I was a kid, I thought English is the most important skill for programming. I spent my youth studying English. Now, I'm not good at actual programming skills.

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