So, I installed and am writing this from Linux. Well, GNU/Linux according to the famous fundamentalist. I choose Ubuntu a try because I don't want to worry about editing everything by hand or compiling everything from source. So far, so good. It works well.

The only problem I faced at the installing was kernel mode setting. The open source driver for nVidia graphic card, known as nouveau, didn't work well for my GPU, GeForce GTX560Ti. So, I had to manually gave kernel parameter of nomodeset. Aside that, the Installing was easy enough. Although I had to try twice.

If I checked to install proprietary software, the Installer automatically recognize my GPU and installed the appropriate nVidia's binary blob. But I think the description of this check box is misreading. It said, if I check this, I can get proprietary mp3 decoder. well, I don't need mp3 decoder. Even if I need it, I can install it later. So naturally, I skipped it the first time and got no binary driver, failed to boot(because of nouveau).

After the reboot, it had 364 security updates. which I installed. and another reboot.


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