These people really need health care

Well, whether "public option now" or "no public option", all of these people are extremely fat and need health care immediately.

The public option is a government health insurance program. President Obama really push this. The reason US needs health insurance runned by goverment is that current profit insurances are not affordable for poor people. There are many protesters who claims that Obama want to destroy current insurance and what not. Some aurgment doesn't make sense at all but they believe it anyway.

US of A people tend to prefer small government: that is they don't like too much involvement from the goverment. That's why there are many protesters against non-profit health insurance by government. they just want government to leave them. They want to do it by themselves.

However, how could poor people get health care with profit health insurance? That's why Obama want to change it.

Some say these protesters are derived by the rich fat health insurance company. I don't know the truth though.

btw, I've heard that US health insurance has lifetime limit to how much treatment one can get. I've never heard these things in Japanease health insurance, or is it?


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