wtf Chrome? wtf?

It apeared that latest Google Chrome dev introduce the so called "feature" that enable you to apply the machine translation for all languages. Believe me, It is the plain shit!

Now, since machine translation is fundamentally sucks, I looked up for a option to disable it. But there is no such option in the Option dialog.

What are they thinking?

This nasty "feature" is designed so that if you visit the page that isn't the your language(I guess my language means the language Chrome UI use), it shows a automatic transalation bar under the bookmark bar and ask for translation.

Since machine translation is a gay feature, I close it immediately. Then I read the page and click the link to read the rest... Holy shit! Automatic transiation bar reappeared. WTF! What the fuck is this?

Even if I close it, the crappy bar will reappeared every single time I clicked the link. Even if you are in the same domain. For Google Reader, this nasty cock sucking spam bar reappeared every time I clicked something. They don't even see if it's the same domain or not!

There are two ways I can disable it. First you can disable it to a specific page. Second you can disable it to a specific language. So it means if I want to just disable this so called "feature", I have to manually disable it for dozens of languages. Do I have to disable each manually? What are they thinking?

Dear Google chrome developers. Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck is this bullshit? How could you slip in this nasty fucking giant shit in my beloved chrome? Un-Fucking-Believable!


追記:すべての言語でAutomatic Translationを無効にしたい人のために。


"translate_language_blacklist": [ "en", "de", "zh-TW", "it", "af", "sq", "ar", "be", "bg", "ca", "zh-CN", "hr", "cs", "da", "nl", "et", "tl", "fi", "fr", "gl", "el", "he", "hi", "hu", "is", "ja", "ko", "lv", "lt", "mk", "ms", "mt", "no", "fa", "pl", "pt", "ro", "ru", "sr", "sk", "sl", "es", "sw", "sv", "th", "tr", "uk", "vi", "cy", "yi" ],



Anonymous said...

こういうことをされると何がいちばん有害かって、「二度と余計なことをするな」という理由で強制アップデートを殺そうとする人が現れかねないことですね。Google Toolbarなどはもうすっかりそうなってます。

江添亮 said...